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ESA Consumption 2016

Consumption, inequalities, futures: conceptual and practical sociological challenges. The midterm conference will be held in Bologna from the 7th to the 10th of September.

dal 07/09/2016 al 10/09/2016

Dove Strada Maggiore, 45, 40125 Bologna | Department of Sociology and Business Law School of Political Science | University of Bologna

Contatto di riferimento

Recapito telefonico per contatti 05191962

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What roles and responsibilities regarding consumption are related to being a citizen and consumer respectively? What is the role of different stakeholders in this challenge?

How are different aspects of consumption practices – cultural, embodied, material and immaterial, experienced and related? How might we imagine consumption differently?

What advances in sociological theory and methodology help us understand the current conjecture, and imagine alternatives?

How might the ethics and politics of consumption serve as a tool for imagining new interconnections among economies, governments and individuals?

This interim meeting encourages participants to reflect on the contribution that sociologies of consumption can offer towards not only an understanding of current consumer societies, but also the reconfiguration of social processes and conditions of consumption.

We are happy to announce that the midterm conference of the Research Network of Sociology of Consumption of the European Sociological Association will be held in Bologna in 2016.

Please, see the conference website for more details at

Conference fee, registration

Until the 15th of June, the conference fee is 100 € for the members of the Research Network of Sociology of Consumption (RN5) of European Sociological Association. If you are not a member of the network the fee is 115 €.

After the 15th of June, the conference fee is 115 € without any distinction.

The conference fee should be paid by July 31, 2016 to the conference account at the University of Bologna. The fee includes conference documents and catering during the two and half days (evening entertainment and dinners are not included).

Registration and payment at

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